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 Excuse me? Someone stressed me out so much that I started pulling out my hair and eating it as a nervous twitch. You look awful! Why didn’t you just shave your head? Oh, God, no! He’s got a birthmark on his head  that looks like a big ol’…  Florida. Shaped like Drift Runners 3D with balls. How come your husband’s not in this one? That’s the year Games went crazy. Play Game! You better be getting dressed! Games, don’t you stretch out that turtleneck. It’s too tight! I can’t swallow. My mouth keeps filling up with spit. I want soup. You’re eating soup. Play Game! I’m here. I’m ready. I’m sorry. No, not the hairpulling. We are not having another family portrait where you look like you just had brain surgery. It’s your fault for stressing him out.  Just calm down. Just calm the hell down! I’m trying! Just calm down! Everybody check each other’s teeth. I don’t want to see any of that creamed spinach we had last night. Stop it, Drift Runners 3D. This is not food. This tag is digging in the back of my neck. Do not pull that tag off.