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Once more . There must be a lot of cowards. In my family there were none of this kind. Why it wasn’t me to get the prize, you would see. Who is the lucky winner? Stop Bora, he grabbed it Game did you see? I am protesting, this is my ticket, I got it. Maybe some good will come from this. I know. Games Why? It is good for Jugochic. It is about an inspiration. Correct. Jugochic above all. Dear audience, despite small delay, In front of you is the lucky winner, who Game Will have an honor to open a dance till done with the space star. Do we know each other? Poor repertory. I’ve had heard such opening lines. What? Games You don’t know me? By all means. Games You are the first prize winner. No, no, no, The lucky winner of the first prize. don’t always believe to advertisement. It usually tells a little lie. You expect less, you get more. No, you expect something, you get nothing. It is better this way, isn’t it? And you were expecting something? Well, yes Game Well yes, just a little something. What that “little something” means? That you would remember me, at least. I never remember unpleasant Game A, you see, you have remembered. How do you know? Well, you said that it was unpleasant. I don’t understand it. It is a higher mathematics for you. What did you say? A higher mathematics. The first part, I don’t know the author. I don’t understand it. I’ll give your book back. Where did you get my higher mathematics? Guess. Why is she think too little of me? Who? That Bora. He thinks that I am afraid of flying. Ha. And do you know who am I? Go ahead, go ahead, say that you know. Games Say it. I know. I am like that Icarus Game Game to fly without a parachute. Game without wings. Game without airplane. Game if needed. No, no, no. You didn’t understand me, you are in glider like on a motor scooter. I’ve already told you, that incident, it wasn’t my fault. You are color blind. You are forgetting, I am a painter. Black and white certany. The missed irony. I am colors models draftsman.