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  It sucks the moisture out of the atmosphere. It doesn’t descend, doesn’t form dew. We have massive temperature disruptions. People are starting to wonder, “Why is it  degrees one day “and then snowing the next day at  degrees or  degrees, and then back up to  the day after that?” When you push and pull the climate with these– these manipulations programs, of which there’s a mountain of data to corroborate their existence, then you start to have massive fluctuations in the system. And we saw in March, in the continental U.S. there were , temperature records broken. That’s profound. Some of the daytime highs, the former records were broken by as much as  degrees. Don’t people wonder what in the world is going on? Whether they want to make it snow at , ,  degrees– I remember when ,  was a big deal. Those kind of snowfalls in the upper s. And now that’s been pushed into the s. There’s a patent called “Ice nucleation for Weather Modification”. This is a patent from NASA. It can be found online in its full form.