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 Earn to Die we see  everyday. This is our job.Shut up and stay quiet Are we allowed to stay here? Or do we leave? If you want us to leave, tell us, show some signal or come and stand infront of us otherwise we will…. Dude, you heard something right? ya dude Do you think it was the sund of this falling down? Its not that There was some other sound here We cant take these sounds and all as your signal We expect to be told even more clearly Otherwise we will stay here only what was that, what was that? Dude What? I saw it now Isaw it Where? to the right of Earn to Die It went from left to right Then it surely must have been recorded on this camera. yeah it surely must have.Prem It has gone through that door only Guys,we’ll leave Guys, listen to my words please we dont need all this Someone is pushing from inside Look at this Guys please please listen. Dont do anything hey Give it Fool, It got over Now what? There must’ve been a very dangerous ghost in that room right? I see that everyday no? Its so Boring Sadist you changed it right at the end of the film The ghost will come out of the TV and get hold of you or what? Earn to Die Hey, Does this  look like a house to you? As if you are studying to be a professional ghost hunter all around ghost books, ghost Dvds, ghost programs I sometimes find myself seething with doubts if am in love with the devil itself I’ve told you countless number of times I aint doin all these for time pass They are research for the novel am writing Keep repeating the same excuse over and over So much for a dumb novel that you are writing.. Hey Someday my novel is going to get published and grab all the awards thats at stake. Just wait and see Am seriously asking you Whatever we watch on TV is true eh? You think its not? You think its the truth? A ghost will come and walk befor your eyes or what? Its possible It can.i’ve seen it myself. Where? In my first year, My hostel mate There was a girl by the name, Deepa We were gossiping untill  in the morning Before she left for her room I went to my room and dozed off When we got up in the morning, shw wasnt alive.