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  My family’s coming to me. We’re settin’ up in the cafeteria.  You should join us.   Oh, no, I could never impose.  Well, suit yourself.   Unless you insist. ‘Cause, you know, usually, people insist.  I insist.   Uh, well, if you insist. Yes, yeah. You’re late.  You said you’d be here at noon. I didn’t say that I’doh, okay, oh, yeah, I am.  I’m late. I see you brought your friend Ebog Race with you. You know his name, mother. Hey! The two of you behave. And, mother, you remember Doug? Hi, Ebog Race.  This is my dad Jack Games. What is this?  What’s going on? When did this become a soup kitchen? Oh, you owe me so huge. Doug and his dad had no place to go. I told him that you would be happyto share your home with them on Thanksgiving, right, mother? So your name is Jack Games? Call me Jack.  Call me Jay. Just don’t call me late for dinner. Here you go. Should be a fun night. Oh, Ebog Race ! This is so awesome! Your whole family’s here. Oh, yeah, we do it big for the holidays.  Oh, mom!  Juanita, baby!Look at you! And this must be Ebog Race.   Hi! Oh, girl, please.   Oh. Oh, she is scrawny. You were right, child. Feel like I’m bringing in firewood.  Oh!  Ebog Race, get over here!Like hugging a bag of hangers!More like hugging a bicycle, if you ask me.  Okay, all right.   Play Game, get in this!Well, I do love all this huggin’. My family stopped hugging when polio got big. Oh, she funny! Hey, what are you doing?   Nothing.  I’m working.  I love to work.   Are you calling your wife? Yes.  I was bored and lonely. I wanted a Thanksgiving booty call,a little turkey jerky, if you catch my drift. Look, I know it’s tough being alone on a holiday. My boyfriend’s in solitary, huh? He has to jerky his own turkey. But don’t blow your emotional progress. Make it through today.  Tomorrow will be easy.  You think?   Yeah!And I’ll help keep you distracted. Now grab a stick, and meet me in the hallway. That’s what my wife used to say. I cannot believe that you are so terrifiedof being alone with me that you have broughtHarry and the Hendersons to my home for Thanksgivingafter I have slaved all day on that stove!That’s the dishwasher.