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Egg Saving 2  I can keep my hands there forever. Fine. You keep your hands there forever. Just put them away when you want it. Okay? I’m going to put them back at the moment. Trevor’s battle with anxiety has begun again. I do not want to do this. I am going to absolutely (beep ) myself. Try to concentrate on what you’re fearing. Like this glass… I’m fearing leaning on the glass and the glass goes and I just go head first… Yeah. That’s… (beep ) It’s just my nightmare you know. Sorry avoid I can’t I can’t I can’t go on like this Okay Trevor it’s no problem. No problem. It is a problem. You’ve done so well. But if he gives up now Trevor knows he may never conquer his phobia. For the last  days I suppose it’s been nothing but anxiety constant constant anxiety and it’s just… You’ve done really well. You stood there for quite a while. But I’ve got to do it though  minutes later Trevor’s ready to try again. I’m just touching my nose right? Where’s the anxiety now? . ? I’m going to leave snot all over this window. Oh I’ve done it I’ve done it. I find that very very unpleasant but I’ve done it. I even put my body weight against it. Yes. Yeah look I’ve done it twice see? Two marks from my nose. Yeah. Yeah. Later that day Trevor will have further horrors to face Since their invention more than  million people have died at the wheel. In America car crashes are the leading cause of death amongst the young. While driving phobia is still far less common than a fear of flying it is on the increase… Donna Ferstand hasn’t been able to drive for over a year. Any time I feel anxious in any other area I’ll say to myself well what’s the worst that can happen? You know what I’m not going to die I’m not going to you know nothing’s going to happen because of this and that calms me down. But in a car it doesn’t at all because I think like well the worst that would happen would be I would faint and crash and die. Donna is unable to drive without having a panic attack Sometimes when I used to drive on the highway I’ve had as many as  panic attacks and it might be just  long panic attack but I pull over onto the side of the road and I calm myself down and just you know kind of berate myself for a few minutes. And then I get back on the highway and it happens again and I have to pull off again. Donna knows that if she could conquer her phobia she and her family would have much more freedom I would be able to take my son and go out of the city for the day and I could drive to the beach I could drive to my parents house I could I mean it would just it would just open up a a whole array of opportunity that I don’t have now. But for now Donna’s fear is too intense for her even to consider those opportunities The noise in the car starts to blend together and that’s and that’s the first sign for me that I’m having a panic attack or that I’m starting to have one. I start getting even more anxious because I can’t control it and I start getting very very hot my hands are freezing em I can’t take a deep breath. Everything is just clenched and I pull over to the side of the road at that point.