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Ela With Sera Dressup Listen, ma’am, they’re just waking up over there. Nothing’s going on.Can you check for corrections? There’s no change, ma’am. We’re in a straight up orbital pattern. Autopilot, actually. Roger that. I just wanna make sure I don’tup on my very first day. There’s no chance of that, ma’am. That’s why I’m here Game to take care of you.CHUCKLES SCOFFS Airman, I’m aware that you know more than I do about this aircraft. I mean, you’re the pilot and you’ve been doing these missions a long time, so I will Game Value your input. Thank you. JET PASSES OVERHEAD Ma’am, you don’t mind if I ask you a personal question, do you? How’d you end up here? You wash out of flight school? DEEP BREATH If you don’t wanna talk about it, I understand. I didn’t wash out. Okay.CHUCKLESIt’s just what I heard.I was top stick. You were top stick? Well, then why the hell are you here? They found out I have a detached retina Game partially detached Game and it’s fixed, and with contacts I can see better than Chuck yeager ever did. CHUCKLESSo even a general’s daughter gets ed by the big blue dildo, huh? Yeah, I’m sorry, ma’am. That’s shitty. Well, hey, u.A.V.S are the air force of the future, right? Pushing a button and hitting a target , Miles away? So precise that there’s practically zero collateral damage? How awesome is that? Yeah. No, that’s awesome. I mean, it’s not as awesome as flying in the wild blue yonder at supersonic speeds in a kickass fighter jet, all your academy buddies. I mean I’m just saying you never expect to be in the middle of Nevada desert with a hotshot punk who barely graduated high school. Airman, you want coffee? My mom always says I talk to much. So there must be a lot of pressure being a fourstar general’s daughter and then washing out of flight school. I didn’t wash out. Sorry, ma’am, that just came out wrong. POT CLATTERS Airman, did anyone ever tell you you’re supposed to push down on the razor?HELICOPTER OVERHEAD Ha ha, very funny. Well, you’re not a real pilot until you can grow one of these. Try it. So when’s the action start over there?