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  If the wind comes from the north, it passes over the narrow part of the lake and so picks up only a small amount of moisture, making just a light shower of snow. But if the wind comes from the west, it passes over almost the full length of the lake and picks up a lot of moisture, producing much more snow. At night, the storm finally arrives. I’m here in the middle of the snowstorm and the winds are really strong. The thing is that powerful winds like this are exactly what you get up in the clouds where snowflakes form. So next time you see a peaceful snow scene, remember that all of those delicate snowflakes are formed in a violent, windy environment, just like this. Elf Story Next morning, the town beside the lake wakes up to a heavy coating of snow. But because it’s a regular event, people here are prepared. Across the northern hemisphere, the same interaction of cold land and relatively warm moisture produces many other spectacular weather phenomena. In January , these remarkable ice sculptures formed when spray from Lake Elf Story in Switzerland was thrown up by strong winds and froze as soon as it landed.