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have you shown this to anyone else? No, you guys are the first. Yeah, you know I’d be careful about that. It could seem like you’re rocking the boat. Yeah, you’re right. I just um, I needed to know if I was the only one that thought this was crazy. What the ‘s going on? Hey, Trev. What are you doing in here? It’s nothing. I was just showing them this one slide, I needed some input. Why the heat map? It’s my bad, Trev. I made a bet with Ed about which country we were collecting the most signals from. He said Iran and I said Pakistan. Who won? Ed. Yeah, I’m gonna head out. I’ll see you guys. You’re going down next time. Yeah, okay. No more bets. And I don’t want anyone unauthorized in here again. Especially not with Heartbeat. You’re right. It won’t happen again. Happy Birthday! In Vegas, looking at Afghanistan, so we’re working late hours This blurry object comes wandering into the strike zone. We all knew that it was a kid. Poof, he’s gone. Call in for clarification, report came back cold. It was a dog. Okay, fine. Shift’s long. Day and night. But, the same village two, three days later. We see the funeral. We knew it was the kid they buried. Moms and dads were wailin’. And then the order comes down, pretty clear. Hit ’em. Poof. And they are gone in a cloud of dust. I mean all of them. The whole family. But the crazy thing is that you come home after work kiss your wife and kids, back to work the next day. Pretty soon, you know, it just all becomes routine. that. You make it sound criminal, man. It’s war, it’s a job. I dunno know, man. Think jobs can’t be criminal? No, not if you’re working for the government. You ever hear about the Nuremburg trials, Trev? They weren’t that long ago. Yeah. And we hung the Nazi bigshots, right? Yeah. Well, the bigshots were the first trial, but then the next trial were just the judges, and lawyers, and policemen, and guards. Ordinary people just doing their jobs. Following orders. That’s where we got the Nuremberg principles, which then, the UN made into international law