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Zoe uh game You’re a smart kid. I can tell. And I know you’ve been through a lot. But they’ve been through a lot too. You know, and they MUMBLING. You don’t wanna scare ’em or give ’em nightmares, do you? FOREBODING MUSIC EERIE MUSIC Zoe? Are you okay? Why are you staring at that nice man? You brought my things? I did. FOREBODING MUSIC GROWLING Tell me about this little guy. He’s the Krampus. That’s his name, Krampus? He’s kinda scary looking. Zoe are you ready to talk about what happened? What happened? When your parents d game They weren’t my parents. They were bad. How were they bad? Zoe is there anything else you can tell me? Anything that you might’ve seen or heard? Tell me more about your scar. You don’t like to talk about it, why? We’re not here to talk about me. PHONE VIBRATING Hey sweetie. Yeah I’m almost done, I, yes I’ll be home soon. I can totally pick up a pizza. I know, no mushrooms. Okay. Love you too, bye. Who was that? That was my son. Your son? His name is Lamar. Does his daddy live with you? His daddy actually passed away. His mommy did too, I’m his game You’re his foster mother? Foster mothers are mean! Are you talking about Ms. Holezer? Were she and Mr. Holezer mean to you? And selfish. So Krampus said they needed to be punished. Krampus talks to you? Sometimes. What does he say? He knows who’s been bad. And? He punishes them. How does he do that? He burns them. Burns them? Like Mr. and Ms. Holezer were burned? I’m tired. Zoe, it’s really important that we game ZOE No! RACHEL Zoe, I really game I said, no more. Okay. Okay you get some rest. I’ll be back tomorrow. FOREBODING MUSIC Lamar, dinner’s here. Sweetheart? FOREBODING MUSIC Hey! GASPS Christ you scared me! ALARM BEEPING Oh God, I’ll get the alarm. What happened in here? I got hungry so I tried to cook something up. And burn the house down in the process? Sorry. Sweetheart I told you I was bringing pizza home. Look at this. It’s a disaster. I guess we’ll have to eat our pizza with the fork. I guess so. PHONE VIBRATING Can you go open