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Elsa Cupcakes Time 2 fine cuisine are always apart game Ah, I brought you something that game well game I hope you like. Croatian Folkloristic Music. Ah, thanks. And I’ve brought something for the girls too game Thanks You’re welcome. And Susanna game Oh, you’re so sweet. We didn’t have this one. May I? Of course. Some wine? Yes, I’d like some.. Ah game you can put your jewels there. Is it true Laura that you dubbed the Devil’s voice? Yes, Graziella, I’ve worked under the Devil.. The Hollywood cinema game Help somebody who served the Church, father. Oh.. Oh honey come here and let me show you how communists dance, They dance, and they even dance well, look.. Here you go, this way, Take it game Graziella game you should use more makeup you’re so pretty.. Come on Graziella, dance with me some more game Here game Good evening. Good evening. Here. Good evening. Good evening, make yourself at home. Thanks May I offer you some coffee? No thanks, water is just fine. How do you do? Well. Take a sit. Let’s get started right away game So game In what you have written, in your articles, you gave many versions of what you hate and therefore you have opened a fight against institutions, ideologies, powers, abd against some people, now to make our conversation a little bit less complicated I’ll call all of this “the situation”, but it’s clear that I’m referring to that scene you usually speak against. But I want to make this consideration, let’s put that you have a magical mind, you move your hand and everything disappears, everything you hate. You are then alone, alone and with no means whatsoever, with no expressive means I mean. Yes, I get it, oh, you’re talking about a magical mind game which not only I’m looking for but which I also believe in, not because I think myself as a wizard, but because I know that by hitting the same nail even a house can collapse. Those who made history were not the courtisans and the cardinals’ assistants but those who were able to say “no”. Refusal has always been an essential gesture and therefore