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Poor old gal. Done to death with malice aforethought and so forth. Poor Bronwen. The painting, Your Grace. Did she ever mention The Duchess of Wellington? Oh. Beautiful woman. Bronwen? Must to the lavatory. Would you care to come and take a peek at it? An exquisite invitation, Your Grace, but I’m afraid I must decline. Let’s get back to the Duchess. Bunny has it. I beg your pardon? During the War. Nazi bastards. Bunny rolled it up in a carpet and didn’t tell a soul. Bunny is a soldier in your unit? th Army, nd Division. Captured Goering. First man in the room. Do you think that Bunny still has the painting now? Must to the W.C. Do have a look? I’m afraid I must be going, Your Grace. Thank you very much for your time. And you are? The water bailiff, Your Grace. Fishing tomorrow’s been cancelled. Thank heaven. What’s that? Funny. Right. I demand some explanations. No, no. Change that. I need a restorative. How ’bout some finger sandwiches? Just the usual, you know. Egg cress, prawn mayonnaise, possibly a gallon of your finest whisky just to start the day properly. You know how it is, gentlemen. Oh, I see. Actually, make that caviar. Some warmed blinis, creme fraiche, boiled egg whites, and vodka so ice cold you need gloves to handle it. And don’t forget the herringbone spoon. We’re not savages, after all, are we? Welcome to Russia, Mr. Mortdecai. And you are? Roman Romanov. Romanov. Sir Graham’s client. So I have him to thank for this. Oh, that’s unpleasant. Where’s the Goya? I don’t know. But you know about art. A bit. You have a Turner of the Loire, which cannot be right because the original is hanging in the D’Orsay. Terribly sorry. A magnificent Callow of about , a polychrome James Bourne, rare, a pair of rather flashy Varleys from his last period, and the finest Edridge I have ever seen. Yes. Where is the Goya? Well, where is the last place you saw it? Have you looked under your couch? Yeah, because when I’ve lost something, sometimes I say to myself, “Charlie, where could it be?” God! That wasn’t nice!