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Elsa Pregnant Beautiful Shopping not from the Academy of Arts. I don’t know what I’d be honoured with more. Farewell. Mister Briullov game Mister Briullov game Mister Briullov! Mister Briullov! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. Mister Briullov, Mister Briullov, please, tell me how much could these paintings cost? They’re priceless. What did he say? What did he say? He said they cost a lot. The biggest pig in shoes made in Torzhok. You ruined everything. You ruined everything. You don’t know how to talk to him. Who can ever find a common language with this amphibian? A more reserved man should talk to him. I was reserved today as never before. I was reserved today as never before. Well, who then? There is an experienced man. How much? How much? Ten thousand. A phaeton man A phaeton man with phaeton, wife and three children for sale. Price forty roubles. Price forty roubles. Mister Venetsianov, who do you compare to some phaeton man? Shevchenko is a great painter in the future, known world wide, like Rubens, like Ruisdael. In order to become a famous painter, he has to graduate from the Academy. And to graduate from the Academy And to graduate from the Academy he has to be free. Serfs aren’t accepted to the Academy as you know. So, So, your price is unreasonable. All right, five thousand. All right, five thousand. Ahahah! Name the real price: Name the real price: you want to sell, we want to buy. \ W hws Who’s we? Vasyl Andriiovych Zhukovskyi tutor of the Grand Prince Oleksandr’s heir apparent. And do you know how much our shining Emperor cares for the saint art and favours the artists? Three thousand in assignations. Three thousand in assignations. Thousand and not a kopek more! Two thousand and a half and not a kopek less. That’s an impossible price. That’s an impossible price. That’s my final price. Well game It’s a deal. It’s a deal. That’s the dialogue, mister Venetsianov. The dialogue, mister Venetsianov. Not the way it was yesterday with Briullov who amused me, you know. Who amused me, you know. A real American savage. Humanity, philanthropy,