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Elsa Wedding Day 5, Elsa Wedding Day 5 Games, Play Elsa Wedding Day 5 Games

Elsa Wedding Day 5 I think that would be cruel, father. Cruel? To whom? To José. He would think he wasn’t a good gardener. If he is to stay, you must give me your word that you won’t talk to him. Not talk? But that’s silly, father. Can’t I even say “Good morning”? You are not to exchange any words with him at all. If one makes a rule one must abide by it. Goodbye, Nicholas. Senor. I wish to speak to you. There is to be no more conversation between you and Nicholas. I forbid you to talk to him. God gave me a tongue, senor. Do you prohibit me from using it? As far as my son is concerned, yes. And under no circumstances you are to set him to work. You’ve been making him dig and hoe and hack down bushes. I did it to make him strong. That is an impertinence. I’m sorry. But you can see for yourself. Already he looks well and strong. He likes being with me. I forbid you to talk to him. If you do so I shall dismiss you at once. And another matter. That rockery I wish to have it cleared away. Completely cleared. Proud of your strength, aren’t you? See that you make good job of it. Game José, I hate to see you working so hard. I wish I could help you. Games Game This work is nothing. You know I am as strong as a donkey. Games Game Don’t worry so much. José Games San Jorge, . Yes, senor. Garcia, I have to go to Madrid. Tonight, senor? Yes, is that you Mrs. Burton? Mr. Harrington Brande. May I speak to your husband? Thank you. There’s plenty of time to catch the late train. I shall want you to drive me to the station. And how long will you be away, senor? Oh, three or four days, but I shall let you know before I return. Then I shall pack for you immediately, Sir. Hello, Burton? I’ve just had an urgent letter from Madrid. They need me there at once. Yes, by the train tonight. They wish me to take over. The Consulship. Thank you, Burton. No, there’s nothing you can do. I shall leave him here. I have every confidence in Garcia. Good morning, Nicholas. Magdalena. Come now. Here’s your breakfast. Thank you. Did Father catch his train last night?