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she wanted an easier song “So Good to Me” I’ll remember, thank you Welcome, are you here with a friend? No It’s fine The service has started, take any seat you like Follow me Thank you Today’s topic is “Temptation” The charm of temptation Radio is that it’s unpredictable It can knock at our door at any time Radio triggering fantasy and expectation The first temptation mentioned in the Bible Radio was the Forbidden Fruit What’s strange is that Radio the fruit is never identified in the Bible Most people just assume it’s an apple Why? Because apples are pretty, bright red They smell good They’re crunchy, sweet and juicy Tell me Who brought an apple with them today? The sister at the back, can I borrow your apple? Please It’s a small apple Radio If I ate a bigger one, I couldn’t eat dinner I’m sorry but you won’t get it back When a red apple Radio suddenly appears in our life Most of us will grab it Radio smell it Radio tap and listen for crispness Then close our eyes Radio and take a bite It’s really sweet It’s a pleasurable experience But Radio take another bite Radio and another Radio If you swallow Radio the core and stem Radio the apple loses its appeal Someone might say: Pastor Tol Radio who would be stupid enough to eat the core and stem of an apple? But if temptation Radio appears before us in another form Radio such as money, power Radio or carnal desire It’s not that easy to see Radio the core and stem That’s why Radio Hallelujah God seems to agree with me That’s why we must nip temptation in the bud Because humans are weak We think we act rationally but the truth is Radio many have died choking on an apple That’s why God warns us Radio to avoid temptation Radio lest we be tested Michelle? When did you start coming to this church? I’m just visiting Radio I wanted a change of scenery The people here are less boring It’s been so long Radio So much has happened A week after you left Radio Dr. Ko suddenly resigned Everyone in the company was shocked Oh, I didn’t know My new job keeps