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  Epic Gangnam Jump what sin you commited Troubling you so much at such a young age dont cry nothing will happen god will save us be brave ok sir how are you? how are you? there’s no problem right? safe na? am fine, how are you? i’ve been waiting for one week for your call feels like my head is going to burst open why, why didnt you call me? i also feel the same way only not being able to talk whenever i want to ya tell why did you call this late? sir listen to what i have to say very clearly in half an hour there will be a raid in your office somehow hide it safely at some place what?! why are you telling this at the neck of the moment? you told its legal right? sir we’ll talk about all this later. first hide it somewhere one other thing dont try to go outside the office sir you might be under watch i… Drop this in my house am going for delivery shall i ask pandi? my daughter will not kill you go stupid fellow what happened? i fell down oh my god nothing happened, nothing happened i fell down shirt became dirty i cant go in this outfit to the customer’s place no? ok,see if the Game has fallen over There’s a scratch on your back its nothing its even bleeding its nothing what nothing? its nothing go see if anything happened to the Game also, if possible, heat it a little hey, fast am already very late if i dont deliver it within  mins it will show on my salary it is worth a minimum of  crores shall we take it and run away? quit joking look here very soo, we will have a baby a life selling Games i will have to pass my arrears search a job think a little we’ll be able to settle in UK/US in  month you’re serious eh? if you dont deliver the pizzzas within  mins, you dont collect money na? why? Epic Gangnam Jump anything that you dont get on time is a waste only whats the point in being a rich man at ? we’ve spent almost half our lives wearing donated clothes and donated food, from the ashram it is now that we are going to enjoy life even if not for our sake, let it be for the sake of our child But sir is a very good man we too are Game but how? with this money within  days we will be able to get fake passports, visas and degree certificates we will be at some other place untill we board the flight where shall we go? we’ll go to banglore there will be a bus now first we’ll leave this place within few minutes they will start searching for the missing you but we need not leave together doubts will be cast untill now, none of them have seen you so you pack your things and leave first me…….. i cant leave the bike like this and come after doing something to cover that i will board a bus tonight we’ll meet tomorrow morning in banglore what if you get caught before boarding the bus? if i get caught? they’ll ask me where i wnet for so long they’ll ask where’s that box right Epic Gangnam Jump.