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 Epic Revenge we’re going to go to them. other side. has as you remember. and. her card legends incision which is an incision normally used when i got into a. room and said uh… a intercut lodge incision then a marginal incision. to deliver the cartilage to look at it now. since i’ve done a high in truck on a lot of innocence in. if i’m doing a close technique and i feel like i haven’t done that equipped. uh… Epic Revenge trimming that i can convert it to a delivery technique. by just adding the marginal incisions we’re going to go to the other side here. turner had a little bit. him in the double skinned hull there for long. antic single skin hook find the dome intranasal eager. hook onto it. start kroll. got some attachments holding onto it here. so we’re just so it’s a matter of just. growing on while. don’t comes out as you can see his bill on the side. looks different but. you understand the reason is that i have not trimmed off. any of the so-called portion. were a lot of crews on the side. nepal. man whose. cruise or some other symmetrical so i’m. sleep like unhook this correctly. push up on a lot of chris’s you can see on the other side. all i took off. was this portion right here leaving six millimeters down here so i started out. there. took off that. health laterally. Epic Revenge but we’re we’re going to do is not do that right at the moment. we’re gonna wait until we convert this to an open procedure. and let you see them directly so here’s justin. intercom legends incision back there. this is a bipedal called flap. dole merriam. collateral cruise. laterally you see the dole merrier in the media llc roots again this is about. four five millimeters wide because. his daughter self. really different. this is a round of parents who had a. true not shannon urging c. from this they can be quite. differently given pretty much the same external appearance. now the other tricky thing. do when you’re a. using to deliver technique is to deliver both cartilage is. and look at them directly. tika scissors there were a number of another scissors. do the same time. call that. kragelj honor with the skin. sometimes it comes up with the scissors. not quite as mobile on the side because i have not taken off the support portion. of the. level chris home at. ramp like that. just at least punched through him this time. a little bit. spring my sisters. insurgency these colleges are quite elastic. and you have the ability to. Epic Revenge go ahead and look at them. bilaterally. see if your excision some incorrect let’s say that i just didn’t do it quite. right. and i ended up with this one being this fight and that one being that hyphen. would be a simple matter. kind of poland this one. a little bit over this side looking at uh… csa phallic. excess of left of them. under direct vision making it looked just like this side. is not important most of the time. that the uh…. lateral cruise or somewhat dissimilar. what is an important issue what you leave behind has to be somewhat the same. if you need to manipulate these domes this would be more around this will be. more cute. by across etching the stall more.