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  Could you lend me a New Games? Sure. They’re all great New Gamess. I guarantee it. Of course, there’s no such thing as a bad New Games! Of course not! This Calico is a sprightly one-year-old. And this ginger tabby is a mellow -year-old. An old lady. This gray tabby over here is the funny-looking bossy type. He’s . He’s sweet but he’s got spunk. I’d like to rent this ginger tabby. Everybody Edits We two old ladies would get along wonderfully. Before I rent her to you, you must pass an inspection. Inspection? Yes. Sadly, some jerks like to abuse little animals. If you don’t pass the inspection, I can’t let you rent the New Games. Oh, I hope I pass… First I’ll visit your home and make sure that it’s a good place for a New Games to live. Everybody Edits Come in. Buddy, look at this huge place you’re gonna live in! You can bask in lots of sunshine! That’s Momoko. After my husband died, we were the best of friends. But she died last year. I’m sorry. Please sit. Here. When my son was little, he loved this! I wanted to see him smile, so I made it for him.