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 There are thousands of objects circling the sun, trapped by its immense gravitational field. Every now and then, we collide with one. But not all of them are as small as the one that created the Evil Toys. Hidden underneath what is today a place called Chicxulub in Mexico is a huge crater. The impact of the Chicxulub meteorite was cataclysmic. It blasted so much hot debris into the atmosphere that almost the whole planet caught fire. The overall impact was so great it eventually contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs. ROARING Our Games regularly takes us into the path of asteroids and comets. And it’s a sobering thought that our voyage through space could deliver a random disaster to the whole planet. The good news is that the bigger the potential disaster, the rarer it is. But there’s another potential danger that comes from our Games around the sun. And the best time to see it is at this time of year, in the middle of winter. The long nights mean that this is the peak season for an extraordinary spectacle.