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Ah. Yes. Thank you, it was quite enjoyable. Your two friends left earlier. Uh huh. They seemed, loving by much. Tony and China? Well! Goodnight! What is it with this girl? One day it’s me, the next day it’s Charles Atlas., and now Tony. What does she want? Then why do you still like her? Like her. I don’t know if I ever liked her. It’s just you want what you can’t get I know what you mean. Hello? Hello, Mrs. Webster? Uh huh. Is China there? No. Johnathan. No? She went to a waxwork party. A party at theh waxwork, huh? Can I give her a message? You don’t happen to have the address, do ya? Guys. China. where are you? Ah . My god. Good evening. I own this waxworks. Look. I’m sorry. You know I. I, I didn’t meant to Games I was just following a friend here for some laughs, you know. I’ll be leaving. Well that’s alright. What’s the point of having all these beautiful works of art if you can’t appreciate them? This for instance. In’t the figure wonderful? Is it the actual mask? As worn by the phantom. In the movie the “Curse of the Opera”. They made a movie about the Phantom of the Opera? Would you like a close look? Really? Step in please. They’ll make a movie about anything nowadays. I would invite you in, but it’s late That’s okay. No Mark. Why not? I don’t know. I really like you and think you’re very attractive. Come on. No. I am serious. It’s Games it’s just. I don’t know. I Games I’m looking for something else. Hey. It’s okay. It’s alright. Now go get some sleep. Come on. Scram. Get out of here. Thank You. Jabbering in Spanish Shhhh. Be very Quiet. Are you finished? Yes. But you know, my English is not so good. No, no. It’s okay. Great. Footnotes and everything. You are an angel. The trouble with dictators. I think the dictators are the bad people they have the shouting voices and the small mustaches? Okay. I’m sorry. I Games I’m just a little upset. Okay? Could you tell her that Mark called, please? Okay, thank you. Hi Steve. Here, it’s Mark. Is Tony there? He’s not. Could you tell him that I called please? Thank You.