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Damn cuckold! His mother, wife and sister Game He’ll pay for this with tears of blood! That great big cuckold Game They make the ‘horn’ sign and they’re all happy. Marshal! Here! Prepare a false confession from Pizzuco. It must say that it was Zecchinetta who killed Colasberna. This confession has to be like a work of art! Like an expose of the mafia code. A confession that when Zecchinetta reads it, he feels betrayed. And if Pizzuco confesses first? Let’s hope not Zecchinetta goes down first. Prepare the confession! And the signature? You want to put a real signature in a false confession? You sign it! It could be amusing for me, I’m good at imitating handwriting! You’ll see, it’ll be a good job Captain. Yes, we should do it but without enjoying it too much Game and at least with a little bit of disgust. Rosa, can we have a photo? Let’s have one Rosa. Come on, just one! Hi Annuzza, how are you Game Bless you, Don Mariano! I can wait, I don’t want to rush you. Here’s to you, Don Mariano! Cheers Game Right, let’s read all the bad news, eh!. It seems as though someone’s looking for you. Who is it? Don Mariano, I’d like to talk to you if you don’t mind? And who are you? Nicolosi’s wife, don’t you remember? Rosa please, I’m trying to work here. Excuse me but can I speak to you alone? Alone? You can’t here Game Tonight Game when you’re alone Game then I’ll pay you a visit! You’re provoking me girl, what should I tell you? If it’s so urgent, tell me! Speak, we’re among friends here. I heard that my husband is in Palermo. Someone on a motorbike came and told me this morning. Palermo? Good! Beautiful city. Lucky him! Is he really in Palermo? Is he in Palermo or here under the ground?! You still insist on questioning me where your husband is! What am I, your pimp!? No! No you are not my pimp! I don’t have a pimp! I have nothing to be ashamed of! In Palermo it looks like they’ve uncovered a house full of women, from the cellar, all the way up to the top floor. Nice, eh?