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He sure is, your honor. Mr Count Talleyrand, sir. Ah bonsoir, mon ami. Monsieur Talleyrand. This is indeed a pleasure. If I say I am delighted to find you at all, I tell only half the truth. Why, what is the mystery? My dear friend, Hamilton. All the time I am a visitor in your country. When I am in trouble, I come to you for advice and you have never failed me. Tonight, I come to give advice. What have I been doing? ─ Too much. Today I meet General Schuyler and he tells me he can do nothing with you. I promise him I will call. I come here at o’clock. And I find you are still working. Now, I will drag you out on a little spree. Why, Talleyrand, you surprise me. We’ve always met on the gravest matters of state. And now, in the midst of your own revolution in France. You propose a little “spree”. ─ Oui. Zekial! Glasses. ─ Yes sir, Mr Hamilton. I’m going to give you a toast. Don’t you drink that on an empty stomach, Master Hamilton. Or it will go straight to your head. To George Washington. The first American.