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 they have a soft spot for pumpkins left out after halloween. As many as a thousand moose may enter anchorage in winter. Snowfall here is lower than in surrounding hills and gardens offer a tempting spread of food. In fact, moose were in this area long before the city existed and anchorage inhabitants are understanding of their local vandals. Unfortunately, this tolerance sometimes comes at a cost. Christmas decorations are a minor inconvenience to a hungry moose. But there’s another reason why the city centre is a tempting winter hangout. It’s one place where their major predator, the wolf, rarely dares to go. It may seem strange, but human habitats are often safer for wildlife than the real wild. Black skimmers usually nest on beaches… but not here in texas. This disused car park is a near perfect location for raising chicks… …and only a short flight from a plentiful supply of food. Skimmers get their name from their unusual feeding technique their extended lower bill detects fish just below the water surface. The heavy use of east coast beaches by people has threatened skimmer numbers.