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Expensive Italian Race l told you, l’m not playing your games. Come on! Any sign of Vandergeld? l don’t see him. All right, keep an eye out for him. lf it’s going down, it’s going to go down here. Thank God! There you are! l did it. You did what? l got you into the fashion show! Brittany, did you hear that? We’re in the fashion show. Not if we don’t get moving. Come on, let’s go! Get the lead out, ladies. l mean, it’s like you forgot. You mean the Wilson sisters are in? And we’re out? l’m sorry. That’s just the way it is. They’re hot, you’re not! So deal with it. You! Straighten up that blouse, now! That’s impossible! We’ve been on that catwalk every summer for six years straight! Let’s just cut to the chase. Who do we have to sleep with for us to get in the show? Honey, you’re so barking up the wrong tree right now. Really! lf you nail this, you’re a shooin for the cover of Hamptons. Darlings! Where have you been? Megan! Don’t! This is unacceptable. They just messed with the wrong girls! l’ve been looking everywhere for you. Can we get the Wilson sisters their outfits now, please? Go. Can we talk? Of course. You were incredible at the nightclub last night. Thank you. Thanks. lncredible. And Heather will be leaving after the party tonight, and l was thinking Game maybe you could come by around 😕 Make that : a.m. You know what? l don’t think so. Excuse me? You think l’m just a booty call. Well, l’m not. l deserve better than that. l’m tired of being your doormat. Honey Game what makes you think you’re that special? Bastard. Excuse me. Asswipe! You’re going to regret that. l’m so scared. Oh, my God! Tiffany! Thank you so much, honey. l am so proud of you. Thanks. l just wish l didn’t feel so crappy. Honey. Sometimes a man can’t see when he has someone so special Game sitting right in front of him. Are you, like, a lesbian? l better go get changed. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, this evening we are proud to present Game the fall couture line, Aubrey Allure. Please take your seats. Excuse me? You’re not on the list. lnvitation,