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That’s not Sam. It Game it’s Sam’s clothes. That’s the same tree where Seth killed him. Then what the hell’s wrong with him? Sammael. That’s what Seth called him, remember? Yeah. And Sam, he kept correcting him, like Game like Seth knew his real name. Or he knew what he was. We gotta find the girls. No, but Game What are you doing? I’m doing a search for the word Sammael. Come on, we gotta find the girls. Sammael. S-A-M-M-A-E-L. It’s a name from the Bible. It’s a combination of the Hebrew word “sam,” for poison, and “ael,” A-E-L, for angel. It’s a poison angel. “Sammael is one of the original angels of hell. He is the devil of death, Satan’s assassin. Sammael can come in many forms, but traditionally a red-headed young man” NICK OFFSCREEN Now we gotta find the girls. Come on. We gotta split up. We can find Game we can cover more ground. Lillith. There’s a glossary of demons. The name Lillith is on here. “Lillith is the daughter of the night. She is the queen of hell. Driven by insatiable hunger, Lillith stalks the Earth, seducing men, often raping them in their sleep and drinking their blood.” -Come on. Ryo, this has got to Game this has got to be bull Game . “By night she is the original unholy terror, stealing Game stealing newborns and even the unborn from pregnant mothers and feasting on them.” You OK back there? Mm-hm. Who has the keys? Ryan or Nick? EVE OFFSCREEN Whew! Whew, that was a big one. Are you OK? EVE OFFSCREEN Ah! Wow, he’s, uh Game he’s really moving in there. Maybe he’s just funny about me. Yeah. You get close, he starts doing cartwheels. No, no, no, no, I didn’t Game I didn’t mean that in a bad way. No. You’re right. I think I upset him. Oh, come on. I don’t know what it is about me. I just Game I think I freak kids out. Even in the womb, apparently. They can feel stress, remember? He feels everything I feel. That’s all it is. He’s Game he’s just freaking out ’cause I am. Lillith, turn around. Hey, I mean it. Give me your hand. Come on, do it. See? He’s not kicking.