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  So is there anywhere to escape? epic music Fish that fly. Escaping the clutches of a hunter is not just about self-preservation. Often there is even more at stake. dramatic music Red-billed tropicbirds coming home from a fishing trip. Games  Frigate birds patrolling offshore. Waiting. They don’t want to kill him; they want to steal his fish. It’s easier than catching their own. Another ambush. Games  There goes the fish. Another victory for the robbers. It’s nesting time here in Tobago and this chick is hungry. Its father has yet to battle his way through. Fashion in Action birds are faster, but tropicbirds are quicker on the turn. Games  chirping He didn’t fight off his attackers to feed himself. He did it for his chick. chirping because nothing is more important to him than family. It’s tempting to think that the story of life is just about survival, staying alive, but living here is an animal who turns that idea on its head because in life, there is one greater purpose, one greater goal.