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We could have a heart center, we could have a mind center, have a spirit center. We could make that area like a private area and have a licensed therapist on staff. We could have meditation classes. I mean, it’s crazy, and if it didn’t take off really quickly, you’d probably see me down at -Hour Fitness begging for a job. Hey, hey, the first thing you told me when we met was that you were looking to grow. So the real question is, how much do you want to grow? You do CrossFit, don’t you? Six days a week, and sometimes I try and squeeze in yoga and Pilates if I can. And who do you train with? Do you know Dominic and Sarah at South Side? They’re fantastic. Yeah, but if you were in this location, I’d have to start coming here. Super convenient for me. I just live a few blocks away. Really? There’s so many great restaurants around here. Yeah, I mean, not that I can go to any of them since I’ve gone paleo. I know a really great beef-ball place if you want a recommendation. Absolutely. Let me know when you’re free, and we’ll get it on the calendar. Okay. Excuse me. Hey, if I games go to the store, do you want me to pick you up anything? Hello? Tre games Trevor? Yeah, your door was open. I just wanted to see if you were okay. Hi, Thea. Hey. I could have texted, but I didn’t have the app that can deliver soup. Thea, Trevor brought soup. Would you like some soup or games No, I’m okay, thanks. I rescheduled most of my clients. You know, I’m sick, but everything is cool. Okay. You look like you’re in good healing hands. I’ll just leave this for you, and games if you need to cancel tomorrow, let me know, and I’ll sort that out. Health first? Okay, see you ladies. Was this business or personal, Trevor? I didn’t mean to freak you out. All right, good night. Night. Hey, I games I didn’t know if you did evening sessions. I can, but not if the client isn’t in appropriate workout clothes. Well, I mean, hey. The pay is the same either way, right? Come on. Come in. Listen, Danny. We need to talk. Yeah, no, we absolutely need to talk.