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the nice shirt with the bust, and thank you, Lord, for the basketball player coming to have dinner and blessing us with this good food and his fine girl. It reminds me of how I used to get them back in the day! Amen, amen. Thank you, Theo. Amen. I’m Games I’m not finished. I’m not making Games And, Oh, Lord, thank you for the things you’ve taught Patti in the bedroom, the tongue thing especially. all Amen. Hey, that’s my mom, man. Amen. Wow. Have some respect. I wasn’t Games You did that. Patti It was, but Games That was the worst prayer I ever heard in my life. Strong words, baby. I’ma say my own prayer in my heart. Hold on. passes gas Oh, my God. clears throat clears throat Can you please pass the potatoes? shudders James Guys, I just Games I just want to say that I’m really happy I could make this happen. Theo Oh, see. You know, this is what the Christmas Dream Wish is all about, bringing families together, and I Games I didn’t do it all myself. Leah, she made all the arrangements. I wanted it to be special. For Aunt Hildy. Patti Well, it is lovely, passes gas Leah, just lovely. Thank you, Mrs. Carson. I’m glad you like it. Oh, call me Patti. Scoffs Patti, Patti. Theresa, puppet voice It’s Christmas, and I’ll whoop your ass on Christmas. Stop dissing with that damn puppet. Get your food into my mouth. Hey! Hey, you know what, let’s take a picture real quick, Aunt Hildy. Right here. There he is. If you don’t stop flashing that thing, I’m gonna have a stroke just to spite you. Whoa, hey, hey, Aunt Hildy, you are not going anywhere for a very long time. Stop calling me that. Aunt Hildy, you Games you got something on your face. Come here, let me Games If you want the booze to keep flowing, your name is Hildy, get it? Because I prefer Hildegard. Mm-hmm. Alcohol! So, um, what side of the family is Aunt Hildy from? Mine. My dad. Yeah, Hildy has always been like a blood sister to me, but my dear, departed husband Charlie, God bless his soul, he was her brother. He died. It was five years ago. Five years ago.