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flight leaves game Now. On your feet, soldier. Hang on to me. I should like to ring my wife because she’s probably quite worried about me. Oh, don’t worry about her. I’ve been keeping her filled in. I say, old bean! Go to America and see Krampf. Do what it takes to bring the painting back, and leave Johanna to me. Jock? Come here. I’m frightened. Do you think that Johanna is thawing on the subject of the moustache? Hi. Hello. Sorry, there was a queue. Good God, man! Jockie! Focus, man! There are but five days to insolvency. Two, sir. No, today’s, what, Monday? Thursday, sir. Well done. Carry on. Jock. Dear, sweet, spermheavy Jock. Behold this America, this new colossus, this fair land of the free! What kind of hellplace is this? I feel as though we’ve made a wrong turn and arrived on the set of a pornographic film. Have we taken a wrong turn and arrived on the set of a pornographic film? Checking in? I am Mortdecai, Lord of Silverdale. I should like to request a bucket of ice, “Do Not Disturb” sign, and a bulldozer. Checking in? Yeah, we’re checking in. I suspect I may need to redecorate. Room , overlooks the pool. So all I must do is show up, and I’m presented with a credit card. No wonder your country’s in financial ruin. Do you need help with your bags? No, I do not need help with my bags. I have a game ing manservant. Strange country. Hello. Hold it. Thanks. Hey. Hello game It’s like listening to bloody orangutans! Oh, really, why? Why? Hello, American? The rooms here are made of cement. Very good in case of an air raid. But for those of us trying to get a bit of rest after an arduous crossing, a bit of an acoustic nightmare. So would you please stop grunting like wildebeests and allow me to get some sleep, man? Please! Please! Sorry, sir. We’ll try and keep it down. Good God, Jock! Put that thing away, man! Hello? Apple of my eye. The love of my life. Everything here makes me think of you. Who is this? It is I, your beloved. Your husband, Charlie. Where are you? Oh, a terribly vulgar place called Los Angeles.