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Oh, hell, she’s much more than a reporter. She’s a top television commentator. She has her own show with million viewers worldwide. Now, she wants to inerview you for her program, right? Yes, yes, I do. What, me? Well Games I was here since the opening. The first one, way, way back. And I’ve seen it all. That’s it. Harry Croft, the man behind the iron mask at Delos. Yes. Would they see this in Cleveland? They certainly will. My mother’s in Cleveland. Hell, man, your mother’s going to be proud of you. I don’t know. All right. Nobody here, sir. All right, come with me. I got a room up top, but Games me and Clark, we like our little corner here best of all. Ths is Clark. Clark! Well, hello, Clark. He’s an old series I saved from the junkyard. You want some coffee? Booze? Coffee would be wonderful. What kind of booze do you have? Any kind you want, long as it’s gin. Terrific. Come on, sit down, make yourselves comfortable. Okay. Give me a coffee and a couple of gins. And don’t forget the ice. You got to stay on top of him. He gets a little sloppy sometimes. Why do you call him Clark? You know, from Superman, Clark Kent, man of steel. Is this his face? Yeah Games I kind of got tired of taking it off every time I had to fix him. He don’t mind. Oh, it’s a sad face. Well, he used to work at the Roman World. He was one of the original iron men in all the orgies. He’s seen a lot, Clark has. It’s wonder he can still move at all. Thank you, Clark. Yeah, well, I imagine you’ve seen some things yourself, Harry. Well, you know. You Games develop a taste for the iron after a while. It’s good. I remember one night. Frenchy and I had a couple of girls up here from the Westworld. ooh-wee, we blew a few fuses that night, I’ll tell you. You said Frenchy. Yeah, it’s a guy that used to work here. Why? Do you know Frenchy? May I ask what you are doing here at this time of night? Hi, there. Yes, we couldn’t sleep, wandered around, and found ourselves here. Not very likely. Are you calling the lady a liar? Oh, for heaven’s sakes.