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And Evo’s electrified. He’s got to be able to jam the electric controls somehow. But it’s too small, even for you, Alice. I got this, boys, shut your eyes. Put out a tentacle and hold this for me. What is this? Keep them closed. Now just grunting And there. Okay, you can look. screaming Thanks, I’ll take that. She opened it. Great work, Alice. Oh chuckles and never do that again. Alice scoffs Evo, it’s all you. You’re the only one who can handle electricity. gulps We need you, buddy. Figure out how to turn that thing up to the max. And hurry. You got it, captain. Come on, you can do it, my friend. electricity crackling Okay, no fear now. Ouch! Oh, ouch! Uh, here we go. Okay, there’s a red wire and a green wire. Which one do I cut? Red! Green! Green. Red. Red. Green. Green and red it is. electricity crackling Whoo, hoo-hoo. Are you okay, Evo? screaming It’s electric! Boogie oogie oogie! It’s never been like this before. You okay, buddy? Never been better. We did it! laughing We did it together! cheering But we still have no way out. Hmm. So what I think we should do is Ha. Listen to someone else with a great idea. If I can make a suggestion. Evo Yeah. Talk to the eye. Okay, hello, Mr. Eye. I’m Deep and Not my eye, that eye. It’s called a camera. They’re watching us through it. Hello? Maura? We need your help. Oh, now you need my help? Even though I’m dumber than a bag of dead kelp? What? You didn’t say that? No. Maura, the only one dumber than a bag of dead kelp here is me. You were right to leave us. Not us, you. You’re the problem, Deep. You’re right, Maura. But you can save us. Hmm. And the colony. I’m on all eight knees begging you. Why should I? Because the Kraken said we have to trust our team. And no matter what choices you’ve made, or I’ve made, we’re a team. You’ll always be part of it, right to the end. Which will be pretty soon if you don’t help us. I don’t know, Deep. Well, we’re gonna die. If anyone needs me, I’ll be jamming my light in random sockets. No, Evo. Look, there’s always got to be Evo and Alice A way.