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Not that to see you ain’t… Well, you look very fine. Oh. Thank you. So, what was the… I guess we’re having something of a problem here with the locals. And, I thought maybe… You could use a gun hand? I’m hoping not. But if you happen to be close at all, you… The crew could take your ease here for a while. And there’d be payment. Well, it would be… I mean, I’d like to. Kaylee’s been missing you something fierce. Oh, man. I miss her, too. I even miss my shuttle, occasionally. Yeah, you left, um… Got some of your stuff in a trunk. I never did get a chance to drop it off. I didn’t mean to leave stuff. I didn’t look through the stuff. I just… Just sundries I expect. So I’ll send you a wave, soon as I can. Thank you. Inara, nice to see her again. So, trap? Trap. We going in? Only but a few hours out. Yeah, but, remember the part where it’s a trap? If that’s the case, then Inara’s already caught in it. She wouldn’t set us up willing. Might be we got a shot at seeing who’s turning these wheels. We go in.