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And I’ve games you know, I’ve often got people coming up to me asking, “Hey, Trevor, what’s the in Power Life?” Put it simply, it’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Now, obviously, when you take on a trainer, you’re primarily concentrating on the physical, but I think the thing that separates us from all the other boot camps and trainers and gyms out there is that we’re very aware that those four elements work in conjunction with each other all the time. Yeah. Look, I know I can go on a bit and stuff, so I won’t. So, what are your goals? What do you think you’re after? Well, you know, I mean, I got money, so I can pay for whatever. That’s good, yeah. Fine, that’s fine. I guess what I really want games I just games I want to be able to take a punch. I want to be able to, like games So, boxing, yeah? Yeah, but I’m not gonna get in the ring, I don’t think. Like, say you hit me here or here, here, or right here. I just want to be able to take it without falling down or games or, you know, puking or bleeding games too much. Just games Yeah, yeah. Does that make sense? Yeah, of course. Kat. Hey. So funny to see you here. We were just at a birthday party. Barrett, do you remember my trainer, Kat? Can you say hi? Hey, buddy. How’s that cupcake? My gosh, busted. Technically, it was Barrett’s, but I did have a couple bites, and I was gonna put it in my food log. No, look. I am not the food police, Laura. I think it’s pretty obvious by now, I’m not perfect about food, and I’m not trying to be. Also games you’re behind on payment, Laura. What? You know, it doesn’t bother me if you lie to me. I truly don’t give a S.H.I.T. S.H.I.T. But if you lie to yourself, right? Bye, bud. Okay, is everybody ready? Yeah, everyone smiling, showing teeth? Don’t you think at least one of us should look mean? No, overruled, mate. We’re a united, smiling front. We’re good. So, is he supposed to look mean, or not? Hey, sorry. Akim, don’t games The princess has arrived. Where’s your shirt? Looks like a family Christmas photo, man. Even