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Now get out of my store. Good call, Thick Lips. Take it easy, Big Brother. Well go on, show him the room for rent. We’ll man the store. My wife’s little project… she enjoys building stuffs. She’s pretty damn fast too. Me? I’m good at baking. If peace and quiet is what you want, this is the place. Say it! Say it!… I… Say it! Say it! …like monkey’s ass. What else? Like… licking monkey’s ass. Go on. Say it! Or I’ll give you another black eye! I like… the way monkey’s ass tastes in my… Leave him alone, hoodlums! That’s right, you better run! If I were your mother, I’d be ashamed of you! Are you all right, son? Did they hurt you? Hung… What’s the matter with you? Hung! Hung! I’m talking to you. Hung! Of course he’s a little embarrassed… It’s okay. But… I couldn’t just stand there… If it were you, how would you feel? Come here. Keep stirring or the lamb will burn. Can I come in, son? I understand what you’re going through. You do? What’s on your mind? You can tell me. It’s hard to explain. I feel… …angry all the time, Dad. Why is there more food than usual tonight? Well… …since the beginning of time, Some… …can be evil. Why are they evil, Dad? I don’t know… …some people are just born evil. I don’t think you understand. C’mon… Tonight, I will pass on to you the family’s secret moves. Step back son! Every time I focus my energy. Stuffs shoot out. Okay, here we go. When I tell you to, punch me in the stomach. You don’t know how to do it. Why didn’t you… For God’s sake, Daddy! Why didn’t you punch when I was ready? Honey, what’s taking so long? Are you surprised? I… invited our new tenant to dinner. New tenant? Surprise! Baking has been in my family for generations. When I was a young man… …I did consider other professions. But it seems you can’t deny what’s in your blood. I gotta bake. But I figure later I’m gonna pass it onto my son. So he can learn the family’s business. Right, son? Do you have a sword? I’ve never seen a sword. If it’s alright with your parents… …you can have a look tomorrow.