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Fast Food Self Service 2 DC flight, on a calm spring afternoon, a flight ought to land on Cape Town. There you go. Thanks.. What’s your name, miss? Caterina. Caterina. At what time we’re done, Caterina? We land at . And are you going to have lunch with someone? No. May I invite you? Why not? Those would be some hours of quite and beautiful travel. First of all Egypt, and its Nile, and its green trees, and its palms and the cornfields, and the dark ocra villages. After that Sudan, and its neverending southern desert, so wonderfully pink. I would like to insist that this desert’s pink is really something: but it’s even more impressive its vastness. It never ends and never changes, from Kartoum to Rudolph Lake. what gives a feeling of terror to this desert though is the fact that it is not a desert, but a huge hollow country, forgotten by both God and man. Well, this was the desert in which the Alitalia DC crashed. All that I’m going to tell you was not displayed in this world’s theatre but in my head’s. It took not place in the space of reality, but in the one of my imagination. And eventually, it played out not according to the contradictory rules of the game of the existence, but it did according to the contradictory rules of the game of my reason. Andrea Fago wathed those men who where coming towards him. Those ancient men he knew so well. He contemplated them, no, he recognised them silent. Then a smile, an amazing smile stretched his lips and enlightened his eyes. That smile was enigmatic because it was so human, that it came from the mind. the continuity between me and them, and back between them and me, breaks: I’m a shape whose knowledge is illusion. There’s the list of the interviews for Salim. About the movie release, Mr Agnelli wants to release it in Milan first. He believes that we will have better odds with the censorship. Let’s hope he’s right. Some optimism game Would you like this? Let me try it. Aunt Susanna, this was sent me by Gaetano Perusini, only for Pier Paolo. Ah, from Rocca Bernarda. Is there.. Furio Colombo too? Yes.