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forced my little Nina to eat it. Besides, what do any ofyou know about philosophy? Nothing at all, that’s what. l’m the only one here who’s been to any meetings to try to create a union. Because anyone who understands must follow those meetings, and must travel around to preach the great, newjustice to the unlucky peasants who work out their lives and sweat, profiting not themselves, but only the padrone. Amen. Look at that. Who is crying? Rosina wants to send Olmo to the seminary. Why? Why? The boy’s the devil. They want to take him away from me, my own son. Turn him into a priest. Nothing’s for nothing. You had your fun. Well, now you pay. Come on, now, it can happen to anybody. Cut it out. lt seems to me, she’s got a lot more than most. When you hatch a bastard, he always turns out evil. Bastard? Who said, “bastard”? There are no bastards in my house. Olmo’s the brother of your sons because his father’s one of us. ls that true or not? Hey, Rosina? ls that true or not? You tell them, Rosina. You know. lt’s true. Of course l know. lf l don’t, who does? Olmo! Olmo, they called you. lt was Leo. Hey! Hey! Dalco, Olmo. Where’s he going? There he is. Come on, give him here! Let go! Let go! Get him up on the table. Get up there! Dalco, Olmo, now that you are grown game And still piss in your pants. Come here. Remember this. You will learn to read, you will learn to write, but you will still remain Dalco, Olmo, son of peasants. Doomed to hunger. You will go off to the army, huh. You will see the world. You may even learn to obey. With kicks in the ass from morning till night. You will take a wife. Huh? You will work for the lives of your children. The best thing is to learn to be patient. But who will you remain always? Dalco, Olmo. And that’s who you are, Olmo. A peasant! Understand? No priests in this house. What do you have in your hand? Nothing. Signor Giovanni gave it to me. l sold him my frogs. lt’s mine. lf it is yours,then it belongs to all of us. lt’s too high. l’ll fall. “lt’s too high. l’ll fall.” l wish you would and break your neck.