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Releasing the lock It is time to start in , , applause! Tomek! Tomek! Hania! Hania! The season finale! Incredible. I never thought I’d make it this far. I remember we started out years ago with my friend, doing puppet shows in a local community center. Who remembers what a community center is? In our case, it was where drunk plumbers yelled “show us your tits!”. Here I am. Obviously. You wanted to talk to me. No. Damn it. Suddenly I get a call from Rafał Wolski. Rafał freaking Wolski! He saw me perform and invited me to his show. My first TV appearance. Rafał, thanks for then, and sorry for now. Incredible. That was years ago. Now I’m standing in the same studio, and you could say I finally have what I wanted. But not what I needed. Ania, come see this. Yes. Thank you very much. Yes, last night I got my ass kicked. And you know what? That’s exactly what I needed. I made fun of real people who Man People who were braver than me, because they weren’t scared of failure People who were looking for love, and the funny thing is some of them found it.