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it’s our dream. To skateboard, bro. Not be drug dealers. Bro, we’re already working cars. Everybody is doing something to get ahead. That’s true, bro. I don’t know one person who hasn’t dealt something shady to get what they want. We can even help our families. We sell enough until we get into these competitions. And that’s it, we stop? That’s it. Come on, b. No? you, guys. What? Chino, chino, got it. Come on, bro. I never tried Molly. Hey! What? I’ve never tried Molly. If we traffic this , let’s take it. Hey, what are y’all dealing now? We’re not dealers, man. Come on, bro. You came to see me. At my crib, on my day off. Don’t keep secrets. Now, that’s good quality. How do you know? You see the powder on the inside of the capsule? That means it’s pure. And then this.. What? Hey, yo! What? This is momma’s . Your mom’s? No, man. This pill. Belongs to momma. Crazy ass lady. Been running game here for years. She’s not a joke. Momma. Tell us more about the pill. Well, first of all, you can’t be dealing it out of your dirty ass hands. You need to find something to package it in. Something small, something you can get rid of if you need to. I mean, I know y’all’s breath stink, but goddamn. Yo, this gonna take a minute. There’s at least pills in that bitch. Then you gotta label the . People gotta know it’s yours. So you need a signature. You need a logo. I just cannot draw. That one’s garbage. We ain’t gonna throw away pills because they don’t look right. Bro, this one is trash, bro. You’re not drawing the Crescent right. Now it’s a party drug. Night clubs, raves, wherever people are having a good time you be there. Anybody seen my friend, Molly? She’s small, she’s white, she’s very cute. Ah, that’s the new pieces. You see what’s up? Oh, lebron. Oh! Damn, uncle Steve. This makes me wanna slap my momma. Patty cake, sit your ass down, off the counter. Somebody’s gotta clean this place up all the time. Sit down, fool. Leave the sign alone. Put it down. What are we looking at right now? Uh-huh. Hey, bird. Yo! Money, what’s up?