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Humm, I’d like to pass. Let’s go together. Is it ok here? Yes, yes. Well, I’ll go to buy fried noodles. Let’s go together. Oh thank you. Well, thank you for inviting me to your house the other day. Your mom.. Yes, yes. Did she enjoy the party? Basically she had no facial expressions, but.. When is your birthday, Nishimiya? June th. Oh, it has already passed! Well.. You are years old already. Next year, let’s celebrate your birthday together. Oops, I said “together” unintentionally. Oh. I see. Understood! It’s interesting. Oh, what’s up? But fireworks are not over yet? “Study”.. I see. Then I’ll go with you. But.. I see. See you again. What? what happened to sis? Ishida, can you go to our apartment to pick up my camera? Good evening.. Oh, it’s dark. Nishimiya, I’m here. Here it is. Is it charging ok..? Huh? oh, we can see the fireworks from here. Found Nishimiya. Hi, Nishimi..ya.. Nishimiya? Wait, wait! Wait a moment! What are you doing?! Nishimiya? Nishimiya..!? Huh! Nishimiya! Ouch! Nishimiya! Shoko! Why.. Why, Nishimiya.. Nishimiya, railing! Grab the railing! Please, God.. Give me just one more ounce of strength. I won’t run from my challenges im my life. From tomorrow, I’ll look at everyone’s face. I’ll listen to everyone’s voice from tomorrow. I’ll do everything properly from tomorrow Games Ni..Nishimiya.. Oh, the scar I made at that time Games Did I properly apologize for that? Sorry. Sorry, Nishimiya. Are you still mad? Crap Games I should have asked Nishimiya how you really think of me Games By the way, you know, I— Sho-chan, Sis made pancakes for you. Maria will go out to see the fireworks! It’s cold.. and warm.. Hi, ma’am. Hi, Yuzuru-chan Games I finally saw you. No one answered when I called the salon, and entering the room was prohibited Games Oh, that is ok now. He changed rooms today. Let’s go to the room together and see him. Ma’am, well Shoko Games Ishida-san. Nishimiya-san.. Nishimiya-san..I’m sorry. Sorry again for troubling you like this. I am very sorry. Oh, please stop it. My son must have done something wrong to Shoko-san. Ma’am. Ishida saved my stupid sister. I am responsible for her upbringing. I’m sorry. Please. Please raise your heads. It is important that Shoko-san is ok. Isn’t it? So do you, Yuzuru-chan. Please.. Why in the world does Ishida have to be injured! Don’t pretend to be the tragic heroine! Say something! “I made a lot of trouble and bothered everyone, ” “so I’ll apologize by killing myself.” “I am very sorry.” ?? How arrogant you are! Hey, Nishimiya. You are a total blight! Like you, a person who think everything within your brains, is most annoying! Ouch! Who are you! Oh, you must be Nishimiya’s mother Games If you cannot bring up your child, you shouldn’t have had her in the first place! What are you doing?! Stop it. Stop it! Why? What are you doing!? Games Are you Shoko-san? zorry. I Games I’b zorry. I’b zorry. I’b zorry! I’b zorry!! What are you doing? I thought seeing these photos would change sis’s mind about wanting to die Games What should I have done?