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Jadoo had supernatural powers. .which he passed on to Rohit. Rohit changed completely. Jadoo eventually went away. .but he did not take back the powers he had given to Rohit. And thereafter, everything changed forever. My son could do things that were impossible for an ordinary human being. lt was around then that Rohit married your mother. And very soon, his fame spread across the world. The chairman of the world’s largest lnformation Technology Company. .invited Rohit abroad. Thank You. Welcome to Technotronics. Come with me, Sir Dr Arya shall be here shortly Mr. Rohit Mehra? l’m sorry to keep you waiting lt’s all right, Sir. l was, this book. Oh yes, that’s the first copy of my latest book. Please read it and give your opinion. lt’s a wonderful book, Sir. You’ve done a lot of research. How can you say that without reading it? l’ve already read it, Sir. Read it? There are printing errors on page , and l’ve marked them. You’ve read this page book in just minutes? l forgot who l was talking to. Asking you such questions