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Me and Robert? No way. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah, she likes him. Tonight I’m joined by Mindy Barkett. She is a candidate in the upcoming spring elections. Mindy, welcome to the show. Glad to get the word out, Biff. I am not getting paid enough for this. Mindy, I understand you are way ahead in the early polls amongst voters in your target demographic. Is this true? That’s what my figures say, Biff. I think your figure says a lot more than that, baby. Wow! What exactly is your target demographic? Oh, cats. Cats. Cats and other disadvantaged animals. Mindy, cats can’t vote. Well, that’s what I’m trying to change, Biff. Please shoot me now. Someone. Don’t worry, Bailey. It’ll never happen. And even if it did, how many cats you know that are old enough to vote? Exactly. ♪ Oh, the countdown’s on ♪ ♪ Just a few more days till Christmas comes ♪ ♪ Gotta decorate Got shopping left to do ♪ Okay. Hold still, honey. It’s too itchy! Hey, listen, if you wanna be a Christmas tree, then you gotta make some sacrifices, mister. But it’s itchy. Oh. Sorry, honey. How’s that? All right, I guess. Hi, Ella. Hey, I just wanted to remind you about tonight. Tonight. Max’s show, :. Oh, right. Come on, Elizabeth, you promised you’d be there. And I will. Sounds like you’re in a car. Where you off to? Lunch with the infamous Robert Morgan. The guy from the office you don’t like? You know what they say, keep your enemies closer. Didn’t you tell me he had a nice smile? I said his bright smile made me sick. There’s a difference. Uh-huh. Goodbye, Ella. See you tonight. Don’t blow it. Very good. So five clients. Wow. You didn’t think I could do it. I did not say that. But you were thinking it. You just seemed so uncomfortable with the quota, I thought that Look at you now. The magic of Christmas. I could use a little bit of that magic. Mmm! All right, so I gotta ask. Being as you are the MatchMe expert of the office Oh, boy, here we go. I’m wondering, does it really work? Are you thinking about signing up? Well, my sister’s threatening to stage an intervention on me if I don’t.