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What the hell are you going on about? Like she’s ever going to be yours. You listen to me. Nothing Games nothing is ever going to happen between you and her. She is Games some fantasy in your head. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t? You don’t. Tell me what you were doing with him the other night. Tell me you didn’t stick a gun in his face. I was just playing with him. I’m not playing with you. You’re going to back off this madness. You’re going to put in for a stress leave. Then see a doctor and get your head straight. Or? Or I’m going to go upstairs and tell them exactly what’s going on with you. You understand? You’d do that? You’re goddamn right. If you don’t do it in the next hours, that is exactly what I’ll do. Now Games you go have coffee with a shrink Games and it’ll be all right. You’ll see. Will you look at that? Oh, hell with it, man. Leave it. Leon, freeze! ! Leon! Leon! Open the door! Put the box down! It’s bennies. Put it down! What the hell you making us chase you for? Come on. Get up, boy. You know the routine. Come on. Spread ’em. There’s some real crime out there. Yeah, right. That’s what I got. A benny bust. What we got here? I’m providing a service out there. Those cabbies, they fall asleep behind the wheel. That’s enough. Come on. I need something more than this. Come on, Leon. Well, look what we got here. You really are Mr. Clean. I’ll let you keep this. Might need it later on. Don’t you believe in safe ? Hey, what Games what’s he doing? He’s got a gun! ! What are you doing? What are you doing? What? Come on. Take the gun. I don’t want the gun! Take the gun. I don’t want it! Take the gun. Go. You killed my partner, Leon. You’re not going upstairs to talk to anyone. I went around the back. And Games Roy Games followed the suspect in, I guess. And then I heard shots. And that scumbag shot Roy. And I guess Roy Games nailed him before he died. Weisman, Eichen, and Shawn. This is Michael Carr. I need to talk with Roger. This is an emergency. Mr. Graham’s out of his office.