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Do you even know how to do laundry? Make a bed? MARK: Okay… Vinnie lost his father to a violent crime when he was young. Just like Mark, he didn’t talk about it. I don’t talk about that. Cynthia’s no joke. She could actually make him move to Vermont. I mean, she made me start wearing a seatbelt. Hey, you want me to… Porter Collins. Former Olympic rower who went to Brown. He worked with Baum at a previous firm and couldn’t figure out why no one listened to Baum. The guy with all the good ideas. Sorry. I think you have the wrong FrontPoint. ‘Cause there is another FrontPoint in this same building that is bonds. And Danny Moses. The optimist of the bunch. And a hell of a trader. Which is the only reason they put up with his bullshit optimism. DANNY: That was a weird call. You take longer with a wrong number than anybody else. It was this guy from Deutsche who was talking about shorting housing bonds. And then in the middle of the call I realized he had the wrong FrontPoint. And then… ‘Cause he wanted the one on the th floor. He wanted to short housing bonds? Uh huh. That happens like five times a day that somebody gets the wrong FrontPoint. We should change our name. VINNIE: Wait. Wait. He wanted to short housing bonds? Who bets against housing? (TYPING ON COMPUTER) VINNIE: What’s the ABX at? What’s ABX? It tracks subprime mortgage bond value. Go back to sleep. The ABX is at, uh… (BEEPING) Wow, it’s down! It’s down three points since last year. That’s weird. I haven’t heard a peep about that. What was this guy’s name? Jared Vennett. Vennett. JARED: That’s right. These lucky sons of es caught wind of one of the best trades in Wall Street history from a wrong number. They should have paid % to my stick assistant. DANNY: His name was Jared Vennett. Vennett. Jared Vennett from Deutsche. Sounded very sketchy. VINNIE: Sounds like a douchebag. (WHISPERING) Do you smell that? Do you smell that? I smell money. This is your basic mortgage… Okay, hi. How are you? Have a seat.