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Look at the fire that’s pouring out of that one. That’s a factory, Olmo. Do they have a view of us, just like we have a view of them, would you say? Papa, you can see the city from the loft, and we could see the buildings and the stables. Not now. Later. Ah, Signor Giovanni. Not since the year l was married have l seen a hailstorm such as this. Get all your people here. The day laborers, too. l’ll be waiting in the field. Hey, Orso! Orso! Turo! Turo! Penzo! Penzo! Oreste! Oreste! Amoretto! Amoretto! Ganco! Ganco! Reccione! Reccione! Montanaro! Montanaro! Everybody! Everybody in the field! Now, let’s face facts, men. We lost everything. Wine, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, everything. So now, we’ll have to make some kind of sacrifice. lsn’t that so, Leo? What’s happened? Lost your tongue, have you? Go ahead, tell them. How much grain have we lost? Tell them. Half. Ah, half, you say. Uh-huh. So, it’s simple. We’ll have to be satisfied with half pay. Take it or leave it. When we harvest double, we don’t get double pay. lf l were to be honest game lf l were to look after my interests alone, l shouldn’t need you, fire the lot of you, especially all you day laborers. And if you here weren’t such an ignorant bunch, you would thank me, because the one making the biggest sacrifice is me. What’s the problem, anyway? Who gives the orders here? Who’s the padrone? Hey, you! We’ve lost nearly everything, didn’t you hear? And yet, your ears are both big enough. Padrone, what you’re doing is a sin, and we’ll remember it. Yourfatherwas good. He never did us evil. You are an evil man. You bring sorrow to us. That man has lost his ear, but you have lost your soul. l leave you with a curse, a curse no priest can ever lift, to rule by the new padrone. lt’s food. Everyone into the house. Were you hurt bad? No. An accident, my own fault. PoorVittorio. Papa, there’s no more polenta. Papa, l’m still hungry. You will forget about hunger if you listen to me. Water! Let the water through. lt’s the beginning. What of? Workers’ leave. What did they say?