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I bet you say that to all your copy boys. Mm-mm. Mm-mm. I don’t. Shuttle is clear to proceed to Mars Games Please, expedite repair of the fountain. , do you copy? We can see the fountain, and it is not functioning in its proper mode. Do you copy? , please respond. Yes, I copy, you miseralbe bag of bolts! If you think you can do any better, get your iron butt down here, otherwise, shut up! , out. We call it our Inner Space Chamber and we hope to make it a regular part of Futureworld. The idea is to actually make a videotape of a dream. You take it with you, play it back, find out what you’re thinking about. That is absolutely incredible. You want to try it? Go ahead, Socks, go for it. Well, yes, yes, I do, you know. Maybe I could use it on the program. I think you’ll find this a unique experience. Chuck, would you just wait here? You bet. I gotta see this. Wait a minute, you mean he can watch? Unless you object. Well, I don’t know whether I do or not. I mean, it depends on what I dream, doesn’t it? Well, don’t you worry about it. I won’t tell anybody. All right, wise guy. It’s about time you learned something about women. This way. Hmm. Are you sure I won’t have a nightmare? I mean, this thing looks pretty frightening. Well, we’ll see to it that that doesn’t happen. The couch is designed to remove any pressure along the neural spinal column. And the material bleeds air at the exact tempreature of your body. So, you’ll see nothing, feel nothing, hear nothing. Your mind will begin to feed on itself. With my luck, I won’t be able to fall asleep. Bye. Every thought, like every eye blink or a heartbeat releases currents of electricity, which can be transformed into waves. She’s got a lot on her mind, huh? Well, we’re recording , different waves from , separate brain locations. Wow. Millions of bits of information. We take it all in Games and put it back together. On this. What’s this? Take a look. You know what you’re seeing? I can’t believe it. Well, it’s true. You’re looking directly into her mind. We’ve learned