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It’s all I know how to do is parties and if I can’t do parties then what games what does that say about me? I mean games I mean, I games It’s, uh games I don’t know. I mean, it sounds like you were born to party. I mean, not like, you games party, but like party, like cater. You were born to cater, you know? Do you smoke weed? I think weed would be great. If I was a doctor games Paul. Yeah. Just stop. Just stop. Really? I thought maybe we were communicating there. So, I’m, uh games Yeah. No. Phone. What? Look, I’m not a child. I know not to use my phone while I work. Why do I have to give it to you? I don’t want the guests seeing you searching for a signal like an idiot. There is no winning with you. Yeah. Careful! I know, I know. Please don’t this up. This year’s been hard enough as it is. I know. I know. Yeah, I’m games Yeah, I mean games No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s gonna be perfect. Wow. This place is a piece of shit. You’ll see it has its charms. You’re not gonna wear that shirt, are you? Everything’s gonna be okay. Alright? Just relax. Flora! Como estas? Julia! Darling. So good to see you. Ah. Sounds alright to you? Sounds damn good to me. I’m Lawrence. Tonight’s entertainment. Friends call me Larry. Bartender Paul. Friends call me Paul. Well, Paul, you seem awfully glum on such a fine afternoon. There’s something I can play to cheer up your spirits? I don’t games I don’t know, why don’t you surprise me? Do you know anything in the key of G? G like Greats? G like Great. That’s funny. Clever. Larry. Paul. Yeah. You’d think I’d outgrow the onion cries, right? Dad was always on chopping duty. I heard about your father. I’m sorry, Julia. It’s been tough, I’m just games games trying to hold everything together. Uh games But you’re just as good at he was. Better, even. Everything will work out. Oh, God. Come on. Jesus. . He likes you. Yeah. No. I’m pretty sure I’d rather jump off a cliff. Hey, there. Put you in charge, huh? Uh. Yeah. Okay. You got much experience? Sure. Yeah. I’m good at serving drinks.