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Nonsense. f. What are you talking about?! You must go to the police. You must tell them You ‘re pretg/, they ‘ll listen to you” Please, here ‘s some money. What? Money? Please! B itch y ! Wait! Where ‘re you going? I know my way. You can’t go in there! You ‘re not a detective, you’re a fascist! Stop shouting! Calm down, mother! Misha could never take anything from anyone! He jumped from the first floor: That was only physical training. Who did he jump from? What do I care? All he had with him were his pants, shirt and sandals! If you don’t release the boy, tomorrow I ‘ll go to the main party committee, damn it! Polyakov, take your and get out! Told you they ‘d let him out. How come they let out him, but not me? That’s because you ‘re a syphilitic. ! See you soon! Misha, don’t forget us. Here in Munich I try to figure out why that accident school gave me such inexplicable powers I think of having a medical examination in a local clinic. But I’m afraid I ‘d be taken for a monster. What else can doctors think about someone who can kill with a look? Misha! Hi there! Come with me! I’m here with a classy chick. Let ‘s grab a bite here and go to her place. No, thanks, Lavrik. Why not? -Dad’s coming I had a word with the fence who bought the loot from those who set you up. He spilled out that tonight they were bringing more. Let’s tum them in to the cops. Na I ‘ll deal with them myself. Misha, I could help you with than. No, Lavrik, thanks I ‘U manage. I was waiting for the two guys who saw me jump off Lida the singer’s balcony. They grassed on me, saying I had robbed Olshevsky. They called me a thief yet they were the ones who were breaking into apartments and hotel rooms. Today they forced the lock of the storage room. Stay where you are, assholes! You punished the bastards well! My respects. How about working together? Want me to draw your portrait? No, Misha I don’t need publicity. I’m not an ordinary guy. I’m a thief. And I don’t want to show my mug around I ‘ll tell you something. They buried one of them the old cemetery. The other one is alive Halfway. Can ‘t move his arm and his leg, and one side of his face. He pisses and shits in his pants. Do you have anything to tell me? Not really. Nothing to tell you” I respect that I ‘ll tell you more: I ‘d never have expected that.. You ‘re the man of steel, Misha. Have you lost your way, captain? I’m looking for my son. His name is Misha I was told he helped someone unload a truck here. Here, help yourself, captain. Thanks. Here ‘s to us. He knows where Misha is. Let’s go, captain” We’ll find your Misha in no time. Thank you” Good luck. There’s your Misha! Mika! Dad.f. Son. Dad take me away from here. I can do many things: I can’t, son. Iris’ wartime. The first patrol will stop you, and I won’t be able to do anything I don’t like it here, dad I can’t, Mika I ‘d take you but.. Don’t take the clothes. Why . All fences are cops’ informers We don’t need problems. Take dough and yellow metal. That is, cash and gold. We have to fiind them first. Every thief knows: Dough is hidden on the shelves with bed-linen, and gold and jewelry is kept in flower pots. There you go. And then I saw a flower pot and the golden hidden inside. Lavrik had not wasted his time trying to convince me to become his partner in Robin Hood crimes. He called it so, in his romantic way, to our raids on the houses of the local moneybags. Good work! You ‘re late again! Downside of our profession. Wash your hands and let’s have some lunch. H era. And don’t stash it away. Buy something useful for the house. Misha surprised me today: He can see through the walls. You ‘ll stay our place, Misha, won’t you? There’s enough room for everyone. I own the whole place. Buy him a good couch. And a wide one that. Who knows who’ll roll onto him night I fell in love with Lavrik at first sight. The minute I saw him the dance floor: I liked everything about him: The stripes on the sailor’s vest under his open-necked shirt, and his jacket, and the boots. And his tender approach, no foul language.. Can he do without it? Sura. What presents he gave me! Come on! Let’s drink Here ‘s to us! To us! There ‘s only one thing I don’t like about Lavrik: He reads too much. It can drive you crazy. I once tried to read one of his books I got to the rd page and had a headache. Gramophone is much better: You tum it on, put on a record.. What’s so Robin-Hood-like about burgling the rich? I keep falling lower and lower. ‘My heart’s in the highlands My heart is not here…’. How about having some fresh air in the mountains? What do you say, Lilya? Let’s drive to Medea. We ‘ll have some fun, catch butterflies, entertain the ladies. But we have to find someone for Misha. How about Sveta, the pretty Moldavian girl? She’d be a good match for Misha Misha, it’s your tum to kiss! Sveta, stop gobbling. I’m not gobbling. I can see that. Let’s go. It was a brilliant idea to come here. Let’s have a drink. Sveta, who taught you all this? My step-father: He taught me this since I was . And then he left us, mother and me, both pregnant. You were ? . And don’t ask me anymore I love you so much, Misha I was madly in love with Sveta I liked everything about hen. Her laughter, her breasts like Fergana melons. I robbed the rich and gave the loot to the poor: That is, I gave it to Sveta. What’s taking them so long? They ‘ll be here, wait. We’ve got company. I’m sure it was clean. Don’t worry, we ‘ll get away through the backyard. Get in! Hold on! Are you ready? Give way! Sorry, broth er! Poor crops this year! They’re catching up with us! Don’t fret, Misha! There ‘s not a cop on earth who could catch me! Can I go now? Lie still! Your task was to make Polyakov fall for you” We need to know his every move And what have you done, ? I know his moves. So you do? Where was he yesterday? He was painting my portrait. He’s an artist. He’s a thief and his partner is also an ‘artist’, like him. And we have to catch them red-handed. Do you get it, ? If I don’t know where they are and what they are planning to do I ‘ll put your alcoholic of a mother into a nuthouse, and your broth er will go to an orphanage. And you ‘ll get years in prison for concealing information, and more for intentional infection with a venereal disease. On the whole you’re in for five years. But I’m healthy. So far you are. Safari.. Wait till I put you in a prison cell for a day. You ‘ll get the whole range from clap to chancre. Do you want to go to a concert at the club tomorrow? When does it start? At I won’t make it. Lavrik and I are going to Talagar on business. Let’s do it some other time I dreamt of the island again” I saw its shore, its yellow sandy beaches and tall palm-trees I saw people. They were laughing and talking I wanted to ask them how they got to the island of my dreams. But then I soared up towards the clouds and the island vanished. Two burglars are going to Talagar on business. Our task is to apprehend them. Perhaps we should take more men? Why do we need them? They’ve got a gun. A shitty poet and a artist. Don’t make me laugh. Shit! Iris’ here. Lavrik, maybe, we’d better leave? I have a bad feeling about this. A new life starts behind this wall. We ‘ll take with us our girls, a heap of books and buy a house overlooking the sea. And you were afraid stupid. Hands up! High er! Don’t sh out. Shit! We give in. What is this? What about our house overlooking the sea? I didn’t expect to see you here, Polyakov. Neither did I, Petr Alexeevich. Take a seat. Tell me honestly, Mikhail, did you kill our detective? Me? How? That’s exactly what I ‘d like to know. No wounds on the body, yet the man is dead. That reminded me of our first encounter on the train. We were after those who had murdered your dad’s assistant. Do you remember? I do. So what? The point is that when we searched the train we found the body of an old offender without any traces of violent death. It seems the bandit was about to shoot you but all of a sudden he cranked. It happens. It happens.. But only when you are around, somehow I’ve looked through some files and came across a strange case: The death of two assholes in a police can. When they died; Polyakov, you happened to be in that can. Not only ma. Th ere was also a witness, a homeless boy. He stated that you had killed the two thugs with a look. Do you want to tell me how it happened? Two husky fellows die without any traces of violence. Don’t you find it strange? Did someone check their health? Lavrlk also was healthy, and look at him now… Don’t duck my questions. Why do all these deaths look so much alike? And every time you were around. Or is it a coincidence? Does anyone of your family know where you are? I have no one. Here, Mikhail, read this. This newspaper contains the news that is very sad but very important for you” “Soviet cinema suffers a loss Sergey Polyakov killed” Dad! Father! Cut the h hysterics! Want to feign it, wait until morning. Doctor will give you an enema And now sleep! Dad.f. Daddy! Open the door! I’m suffocating.. Bars.. I’m in pain! I can’t breathe. Thank you, Petr Alexeevich. What for? For helping me to get to the Air Force school. F or taking care, for everything Misha, why did you decide to be a pilot? Do you want to be like Chkalov? No, Kulpan, I want to be like my father: Here, Mika, take it You ‘ll need it. Here are some documents and your drawings. Kulpan kept them for you. Misha, take care of yourself. Thank you, Kulpan. See that they don’t steal it. Petr Alexeevich, thank you for believing in me. Forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done. I won’t let you down” See you after the war! Your apartment was destroyed by a bomb during the siege. This one is not bad either, though there are only rooms I came back to Leningrad in the early -s after Stalin ordered the Red Army to be drastically reduced. At the time I no longer cared much about anything. Leaving the army I was supposed to return my gun but I didn’t. One evening sitting on n bench in the park I spotted my classmate Nelly, who had unwillingly caused my first murder. You can’t have seen me here. Nelly! Mika! Where have you been for so long? Let’s go. Hey, what the hell? I ran out of money. Iris’ hard to raise a child alone. It was my first time there. My friend Verka the Rabbit advised me to go there. Rabbit? H er nickname. She’s got a funny upper lip, like that of a rabbit. Rabbi; .. Where did you get this from? Never touch things that don’t belong to you! Police Senior lieutenant Potemkin. What brings you here? Polyakov? M y classmate. .. Stepan? Mika! Stepan! Hello, Athos! Look you! And look you! Big chap! Don ‘t stand there! Come on in! Come in! Life’s full of surprises! By the way, I’ve been discharged I guess we both were dismissed by the same decree? Where did you serve? In the Air Force. I defended the icy Northern borders of the Soviet Union” Stepan! Here ‘s to our reunion! To us! Why didn’t you return your gun? What gun? Don’t give me this bullshit I’ve got no gun” You shouldn’t mix with sluts so much. Then you wouldn’t have to lie. Tomorrow bring it yourself. I’ll take care of the formalities. What’s gotten into you ?! If you don’t, blame yourself? You ‘ll be canned for illegal possession” We ‘re very strict about it now. The underworld gives us d hard time. Come tomorrow: lunch break from p.m. to p.m. See you” The underworld that Stepan told me about was trying to use ma. They somehow learnt about my being able to kill with a look I told them No. I enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts, I got married. No more wine, honey. Stepan, in the st grade I was in love with you” I promise I was. Kiss the bride! Let me kiss you! Mika, come back here! Very interesting works. A beautiful piece. What flight of thought! Polyakov is an ex-pilot, a military officer: One can see the hand of a master: He’s the best in year: Nelly, I’ve been invited abroad’ To Warsaw! Of course, I was glad: My paintings would travel to exhibitions all over Europe. But the woman I wanted to share my happiness with wash’t there. She was caught in the swirl of restaurants. Open she wouldn’t come home forgetting both about her son and ma. Where’s mom? She’ll be home soon. Sleep. Mika, draw a rabbit for ma I ‘ll draw it tomorrow It’s late now. Mika, please. .. Au gm. Hallo. Mika, can you drop by? No, I can’t I don’t feel like it. You have to, Misha You really have ta. Have you got anything to drink? I’ll find something. All right, I ‘ll be them. Good! Sorry I made you come here. [But] had ta. She was found in a lake. In Vuoksa. She was drunk. She drowned. She was hopeless I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. The Academy, my studies.. You couldn’t have protected her anyway, Misha. Take my advice: Go abroad and settle them. What are you telling me, Stepan? To settle in the West? Me? A Russian? Misha Polyakov? I took Stepan’s advice and left the country where I was born and grew up, where I became an artist. My exhibitions are held all around Europa. One can say that Mikhail Polyakov is a success. My only real friend is Leo Taub, a writer: He and his wife Heidi Marx infected me with the idea of creating the City of the Sun. They wanted to build a new Atlantis, a home for writers and artists who would be happy to live and work them I believed them I was glad to donate all my royalties to their cause. Still there was not enough money. It was then that Alfred appeared. Impressive house .. Hello, darling I’m so glad to see you” Sit down” I ‘ll join you in a second. Where ‘s the computer? In the drawing room. You ‘re like a little boy. I love computer games Killing monsters.. Why do you keep speaking about killings? Who the hell are you? Hallo. It’s me, Misha. Glad to hear you, Lea. Pick me up, please. The program was on air when I had a heart problem. Let’s take a stroll in the English park Germany for Germans! Mika, I spoke about this on radio “Liberty “. About my little Jewish cousin who had to hide from German fascists in Prague cellars in the -s. Calm down, Lea. I can’t believe it happens again! I hate you! You scum! Leo! What’s wrong, Leo?! Bastards! It was Leo’s last words that awoke the killer in me that had been asleep for many years. Here you are. I’ve got an idea regarding your “New Atlantis”. What idea? You must see Stepan”