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Now, in regard to the capital. I have a proposal to make. Won’t you sit down? Since we cannot agree upon the selection of a city. Why not build us a new city? Founded on the ideals of liberty and fraternity. Why .. that’s certainly an original idea. A new city. On the Hudson. ─ No, not on the Hudson. On the Potomac. Half way between the North and the South. I am sorry, Mr Jefferson. But my decision is irrevocable. I think you said. As irrevocable as our decision about your Bill. Did I? I think I did. Suppose we make a .. concession. Strike a bargain, you mean? Why .. I wouldn’t care to use that word, Mr Hamilton. No? Then we won’t use it. We’ll call it a “concession”. Suppose we .. Pass your Bill .. In return for the capital? Gentlemen. This is really a surprising proposal. I’m afraid I need time to think that over. You’re a quick thinker when you like. ─ Yes. When I like the proposal. But it seems I get the worst of the bargain. Or “concession”. We offer you what you’ve fought for years. Give me a week to think it over?