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from here, too? Dreamed all the night in the barracks bed of his sister, his brother, his father, his mother. Next morning, in the barracks bed, they found him dead. They found him dead. No, Olmo, no! Our part in it is finished. Done. Don’t we share halfand halfanymore? Try to understand, Olmo. You’ve been away, and there are a lot of new things you don’t know. l know we always get half the harvest. Not this year, though. They rented new machines and hired extra labor. This is no time game Let go. Long live our hero. Even sharing half and half is robbery since we do all of the work. And now not even that. You know why l have to hire these hands? Because almost all of you men got yourselves killed in the war like idiots. Papa, what’s wrong with you? Papa, you have no right to say something like that. You keep quiet. And play soldier if you like. Do you know how much l spent to keep you at home? No, l don’t know. How much did you spend? More than you’re worth. Well, you know, l wanted to go. You didn’t want me to go. Oh, of course. Well, what a handsome saber you have. Yes, this is a handsome saber. Very handsome. And it cuts well! lt cuts very well! Watch, Papa! Watch! Bravo, Lieutenant. So, that is what you’re good at? At your age, l used to get up at : in the morning to check the stable. Everyone here remembers that. And at threshing time, l was the first to be up and the last to go to bed. lsn’t that so? Can anybody deny that? Go ahead! Go ahead! Speak up! lsn’t that so? l know it is. Bravo, my little cousin. Thank you. The next time you’ll be pierced. l sacrifice for this farm. Sacrifice. There aren’t any ideals anymore. No respectability. Devotion to the church, love for the land, loyalty to the family, and credit in the bank. Come on, Uncle. You’re getting upset. Don’t. And respect. Respect! Respect! Respect! What the padrone meant was that because there was no one here to work, he had to buy modern machines. Machines are like peasants. They need their share of grain, too. But they make life easy. lt’s a change,