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All call signs, all call signs. Suspect John Doe positively ID’d. Be ready. Stand by. Go, go, go! Police! Don’t move! Get down! On the ground! Stay there! Don’t move! Listen to me. If you move, you’re game ing dead. Well, I didn’t run the story, did I? So you knew it wasn’t John Doe? Of course. I just can’t believe everybody fell for it. I guess it goes to show you the power and game ity of the media. A word to the wise, Sam game don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You obviously had a working relationship with John Doe. My question is game how did you keep the police out of it? He sent me tapes. You had footage while bodies were still being loaded onto coroner’s wagons. He did more than send you tapes. He sent me tapes. The public aren’t idiots, Sam. Neither am I. Some people have suggested that you and John Doe were working together from the very beginning, that you may have even planned this, all of it game the murders, everything. Really? Well, I guess some people have pretty vivid imaginations, don’t they? Some people claim to have proof. What proof, Ken? This whole game eyeforaneye thing. It’s not really justice, is it? Well, it seems to be working. Oh, so game bring back capital punishment, the noose, firing squad? I never said that. Look, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend to have all the answers, Ken. But what I do know is the system as it stands game it doesn’t work. We’re too politically correct. It’s all about the perp’s rights. The preps get their way. The victims end up getting screwed. And when you go to court, if you’re lucky enough to actually get to court, the courts end up editing the victim’s impact statement. Why? To reduce the impact. It’s game ing insane. I mean, the victims end up becoming victims all over again. I hate the apathy. I hate the way everybody just sits back and expects somebody else to take care of the problem. Like the Speak for the Dead movement? Well, I mean, apart from giving them a very catchy name, Sam, can I ask? Do you feel in any way responsible for the rise of